Max George regrets having drinks with Lindsay Lohan before her rehab

Max George had drinks with Lindsay Lohan before she went to rehab. He has regrets about it.

He said, “I don’t think she is [in it], no.”

“She did pop over at one point to see us all but it was really brief. It wasn’t for the show or anything. She was just in town and she wanted a little bit of support before her court case.”

“That scene [in the first episode of The Wanted Life] where we were in the pub… we actually bumped into her ex-boyfriend, who said she was in town and needed a bit of support because she was a bit down about her court case.”

“So we invited her over to the house for a bit, just to have a drink – which probably wasn’t the best idea.”


Max George clarifies his relationship with Lindsay Lohan

Many thought Lindsay Lohan and Max George are dating but he clarified this matter on Twitter on Tuesday.

A fan asked George if he’d gone “From Michelle [Keegan, his ex] to Lindsay Lohan,” he tweeted back a defiant “nooooooo.”

Another fan tweeted, “If you date with Lindsay, I will die okay.”

He responded, “I’m not, so you’re fine!”

“Rumours…That’s all…,” he clarified. “Like I said…1million %.”