What are the things to do before your wedding photoshoot?

1. Go for facial.
- Do not go few days before photoshoot. If you have extraction on your face, it may take few days to heal for the red marks. It is best to go few times before shooting day and one week before.
- If you can’t afford to go facial, you can do your own facial at home. Put face mask and scrub your face to make your face smoother. So that, on shooting day, the makeup artist no need to put so heavy makeup on your face, since your face already so smooth.

2. Buy a nubra
- This bra is transparent bra, and you wear it under your low cut dress. It will give a push up or cleavage. Thus, you no need to have a good and big breast to have cleavage.

3. Buy nail polish or go for manicure
- Whether you apply yourself or go for manicure, recommended to go one day to three days before shooting day since your nails grow
very fast and won’t look nice after many days
- If you want to save money, you can buy a nail polish and apply on your own. You can buy a light pink nail polish and a nail polish that has glittering effect.
- Pedicure is not neccessary if your dress is very long until it reaches the floor. Your toes will not shown for shooting

4. Sleep early
- Good sleep will reduce the dark rings around your eyes. You won’t want to look like panda eyes on your shooting day

5. Buy accessories
- No doubt bridal shop will have accessories for your hair, earrings and necklace but sometimes it may not suit your taste. Lucky I brought some for the shooting day. I wanted to have some flowers on my hair but unfortunately, the bridal
shop don’t have flowers hair pins. Should have bought it.

6. Go for hair treatment
- Great hair will be easier to set by makeup artist on shooting day. Don’t be lazy, put hair mask once a week before shooting day.
- Trim a bit of your hair and make it more layer. The makeup artist advised me to layered my hair more, so that she can set my hair nicer.

7. Buy high heels
- Most of the gowns will be very long. If you are not a tall person, it is better to wear high heels. The higher the better.

8. Eat heavy breakfast on shooting day
- It will take whole day, from morning to late evening for shooting. It is better to eat heavy breakfast, so that you won’t starve yourself.