Writer Bret Easton Ellis blames Lindsay Lohan for The Canyons failure

There were many critics about the movie The Canyons and writer Bret Easton Ellis has blamed Lindsay Lohan, who is the main actress for the movie.

Ellis said this on Monday, ‘I think where we went wrong was with the casting of Lindsay Lohan. Now I don’t mean she wasn’t good in it, she was very good in the movie. I mean that suddenly The Canyons has become the Lindsay Lohan film.’

‘Lindsay’s reputation follows her everywhere. And the moment that we cast Lindsay Lohan, the movie became something else. It stopped becoming the DIY movie that could make it into part of the trainwreck of the Lindsay Lohan narrative.’

‘And we thought the movie was ultimately going to step out of that shadow, that it was going to speak for itself and that people would be more interested in how we made this movie… But we didn’t. We didn’t step out of the Lindsay Lohan shadow, and it did affect the way the movie was perceived.’

‘I think the hatred for the movie when it initially came out was so disproportionate to what the movie actually was… I think at a certain point, people were rooting for the movie to fail.’

‘And I think that’s why when the movie was eventually released, people were gleeful about massacring it.’


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