Lindsay Lohan’s stylish Phillip Bloch talks about cutoff dress

Lindsay Lohan cut the dress that she borrowed to wear at American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR) New York Gala. Her stylist, Phillip Bloch on that day was shocked.

He told Access’ Michelle Beadle, “Who the hell cuts a gown? I mean like, cut it — like a mullet! And ragged.”

“My weird feeling on the subject is when your dress rips and you’re at the after party already, isn’t that the time when your good girlfriend says, ‘Let’s go home. You don’t say, ‘Let me get the scissors and cut my dress so I can stay a couple more hours!’”

“My responsibility is I’ve got to be the one that goes to the designer and say, ‘Hey — you don’t own that dress anymore,’ or ‘You don’t have that dress anymore… what can we do to make this right?’

“[The designer has] seen it now. They weren’t happy, but they were like, ‘OK, we can work with it.’”