Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael visits her in rehab


Lindsay Lohan‘s father visited her in rehab during the weekend. Her father said that Lindsay has enough of alcohol and determine to sober.

He told TMZ: ‘Its just enough is enough and I think she realises it.’

‘In everyone’s life there comes an epiphany and I guess it’s come upon her in some way shape or form.’

‘It’s time and I think she knows that.’

‘She’s doing phenomenal, I mean awesome.’

‘There’s a lot of healing going on, this is only the beginning of the process and she has 60 more days.’

‘She did say at the beginning of the month that she wants to leave and go to Lukens, and as a matter of fact one or two other people want to go as well.’

‘So I’m going to go and I’m going to meet with Shawn Holley this week and hopefully talk to the city attorney and get her transferred.’