Lindsay Lohan is dumping her ‘bad influence’ friends

Lindsay Lohan is dumping her friends that are giving her “bad influences” in her life.

A source told New York Daily News newspaper, “She hasn’t been texting and calling back some of the people who she just parties with.”


  • gyfyu

    Word, Hollywood sold out and the actors did too. during these tough economical times they’re trying to cash in using low budget films with low quality actors, or great actors who sold out, of course there are those who need the money due to frivilous spending of what normal ppl consider a fourtune on things like drugs exspencive excesories, and poor over all managing of thier money, i just laugh when ever i hear of the downfall of another celebrity ultimatly due to thier own doing and failings LOL they had all that and messed it up. For example i’d hate to see what becomes of the next gerneration actors considering the current state of hollywood. I mean think about it, just like Lindsy Lohan and many others did, all thoes girls on kids net wrks like disney channle, and nick etc.. that the kids look up to will be featured between 2-10 yrs from now on national television with some kind of drug addiction rehab, stint, what have you. I swear its got to be somthing like 70-80% of actors and actresses taken from these kids net wrks and made into real actors have had some kind of break down, episode, drug overdoes, found with drugs, drugs found in them LOL, mean while the kids at home all look up to them beacuse thier on TV and want to emulate them. I understand they’re young all of a sudden they have alot of money and they want to ball out, but the term is (ball out) right not (fall out) LOL when your drug use money spnding etc.. starts effecting your career the very thing that supply’s you with that luxurious life style they love so much you’d think they’d get it under controll before it gets to bad, the press starts to notice things like how much wieght you’ve lost or those bags under your eye’s that they’re trying to hide LOL. I saw a recent picture of Lindsy Lohan on line with her comming out of a club or somthing and they must have caught her with no make up on or something!! cause she looked like a strait up CRACK HEAD I almost died laughing she is butt ugly in real life they doll her up for photo shoots and movies they can make anything these day’s, i would hate waking up to that in the moring HONEY GO TO THE BATHROOM AND PUT ON YOUR FACE RIGHT NOW, YOU KNOW I CAN’T LOOK AT YOU LIKE THAT hahahahaha LOL. i mean as a star you have to realise that your every move is subject to scrutiny by the press, and don’t be doing drugs to the extent where you look like a dam fool on national TV when it all comes out as it usually does even if it takes a while. All of the things i just talked about, do infact have an effect on movie quality, Hollwood now has all these failing, broke, and scandilized actor’s and actresses in need of money, left with a bad rep in Hoolywood and need to restart thier careers, not only to re-up on thier stash of drugs haha, but to pay off looming debts bilt up by thier frivilous life style and over expenditure of funds, being so niave as to think they could maintain spending money with no cociquenses, because at the end of the day no matter how famous you are, SOMEONES GOT TO PAY FOR ALL THAT SH@#!!! LOL. This makes them ready and willing to star in half assed/low quality movies in order to make some bucks and try to stage a come back LOL