Lindsay Lohan flirted with Pauly?

Did Lindsay Lohan flirt with Jersey Shore’s Pauly D? Here are the news.

Snooki told Celebuzz “I feel like Pauly made out with [Lindsay] once. It was the first time in L.A., and I feel like she was flirting with Pauly – and I feel like they made out”

“That was like three years ago. I never met her, but I think she’s great. Personally I like Lindsay. I think she’s a fun girl and she’s made a few mistakes and people think she’s the devil for it.

Snooki continues, “That’s life. Nobody’s perfect. Yeah, she’s made mistakes, but it doesn’t mean she’s a bad person. I think she’s awesome. She used to be a great actress and hopefully one day she’ll get it back.”


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