Lindsay Lohan denies that she went back to drinking


She was spotted going to clubbing nonstop when she was in London and because of that, that triggers rumors that she went back to her old habit of drinking.

But she insist that she has sober and didn’t drink any alcohol when she went for clubbing recently.

She tells Australian radio station KIIS 1065, “I’m around people that go out and people that drink… I wouldn’t go out with my friends and expect them not to have a drink. That doesn’t mean that I have to do the same things that they are doing. I can still have fun. I like being around people. I love music. I’m social. That’s who I am, and if I have nothing to do the next day, then I can go out with my friends the night before… People have had so many things to say about the things that I do that weren’t necessarily true… It’s (not drinking) a choice.”