James Deen did not expect anything from Lindsay Lohan

James Deen, who acted together with Lindsay Lohan in “The Canyons,” talks about her in ann interview with HuffPost Live Monday.

He tells Huffpost, “I kind of entered this production expecting nothing. So because I didn’t really expect anything, it was hard to get surprised.”

“If you want to smoke crack, go ahead and smoke crack. Just leave me alone, because that’s your business, not something I’m going to stress on.”

“I never had any issues with Lindsay. But I don’t have to deal with the Hollywood bullsh-t aspect of the film.”

James Deen has a positive mind set. Most people have lots of bad comments about Lindsay Lohan. Well, it is common to have bad and good colleagues in your work, important is you do your part and don’t bother other people’s behaviour.