Redken Scalp Relief for oily scalp

Do you have oily scalp? Well, I do. By the time it is in the afternoon, I can feel oil on my forehead. When I use oil blotter to wipe the oil on my forehead, I can see so much of oil on the paper.

I need to have a treatment quick. I went to hair salon before to ask them to treat my oily scalp but it is just only a temporary solution. Will help only one day to get rid the oily scalp. If I go to hair salon everyday, I will need to spend lots of money. They say if i don’t treat my oily scalp, my hair will drop easily. I don’t want end up bald before I have white hair!

So, I went to the hair shampoo shop to buy shampoo to treat my oily scalp. I bought Redken Scalp Relief and it helps. My scalp become less oily and i love the shampoo smell. It costs MYR60 for 300ml.