Lindsay Lohan able to perform in Speed The Plow despite ill earlier

Lindsay Lohan was feeling ill on Wednesday and wrote on her Twitter that she is unable to perform performances of “Speed-the-Plow” in London. She wrote,

“So sorry everyone but (I’m) too ill to perform and down for the count. Dr wants me to rest. Wont make shows 2nt but pls enjoy #speedtheplow XxL.”

The tweet was deleted later on and the play’s producers said that she was able to take the stage after all in a statement to the Daily News on Thursday,

“Unfortunately Miss Lohan has been suffering from a viral gastric bug for several days, but has shown true professionalism in continuing to perform. However yesterday, on doctor’s advice, she rested throughout the day whilst prescription medication took its desired effect and we were delighted that Miss Lohan subsequently felt well enough to perform yesterday evening. Miss Lohan is feeling much better today and will be performing tonight as scheduled.”


Tom Cruise and Lindsay Lohan dating?


There have been rumors saying that Tom Cruise and Lindsay Lohan are dating since both of them are working in London but this is what a source has to say about this matter, “Never has one thing been so not true. This may be the most insanely funny lie ever told. Tom is not going to date Lindsay Lohan.”

“He’d be friendly to her in her company but dating is far-fetched, she would be lucky to even be in a film with him,. The closest they will ever be together is in the same room somewhere but that is it.


Pharrell Williams gave some word of encouragement to Lindsay Lohan

Pharrell Williams gave some word of encouragement to Lindsay Lohan when he bump into her at the London hotel.

He said,  ”I’m so happy… Where you are… without judgement, where only talent can secure your position, and this is great because the world gets to see that you wouldn’t be there if you weren’t incredibly talented… You know, it’s a play, so everyone has to be in sync. If one person’s off, the whole thing’s off. So the world gets to see this incredible balance that you bring to people that you work with and that you do more than hold your own. I’m hearing that you shine in it.”


Evan Rachel Wood was on the cover in Vanity Fair together with Lindsay Lohan and others

Evan Rachel Wood was on the cover in Vanity Fair together with Lindsay Lohan and others. She was 15 years old that time. The photoshoot was taken in 2003. She felt she was bullied when posing for the prestigious Young Hollywood cover of Vanity Fair.

She explained, “I was almost in tears after this shoot.’

‘They tried that dress on me. ‘I wasn’t comfortable but they told me there was no time.’

‘Everyone else took up too much time with their fittings.’

‘Then I was given a choice on whether I wanted to wear flats or heels. I chose flats and was immediately handed heels and told they looked better.’

‘Then we were all lined up, stared at and approved.’

‘I was 15 and felt for the first time my identity was being erased and the pressure to shut up and do what you are told.’

‘Since then, I have found my voice. Never again.’